Gambling harms

Signs of gambling harms to be aware of for people who gamble and concerned family and friends

Spending more money on gambling than you would like

Spending more time gambling

Chasing your losses

Neglecting responsibilities in other areas of your life

Relationship and/or financial difficulties

Gambling to avoid problems and/or negative emotions

Spending more money on gambling than you would like

Mental health problems (anxiety, depression) due to gambling

What are your odds of winning? 

Knowing the odds of gambling can help you have a realistic view of your chances of winning.

The chances of winning prizes advertised on gaming machines in any one game range from extremely rare to relatively frequent.

Generally, the higher the prize, the more unlikely it is the occur.

Being struck
by lightning

1 in

Winning spot
10 Keno

1 in

OZ lotto

1 in 45,379,620

Roulette number
coming up

1 in

Winning the highest
jackpot on a machine

1 in 10 million

Support services for more information

Support services are available if you are experiencing harm from gambling including concerned others.

Amity Community Services
Confidential and free face-to-face and telehealth counselling sessions available
Free call 1800 684 372
(08) 8944 6565

24hr gambling helpline: 1800 858 858

Turning Point

Holyoake – Alice Springs
Gambling counselling
(08) 8952 5899

Anglicare NT
Financial counselling
Darwin – (08) 8985 0000
Katherine – (08) 8963 6100
Alice Springs – (08) 8951 8000

Catholic Care NT
Financial counselling
Darwin – (08) 8944 2000
Katherine – (08) 8971 0777
Tennant Creek – (08) 8962 3065