Self-help for gambling

It’s important to find tips and strategies that work for you. Habits may have benefits and costs and people develop habits over time.

Does gambling come with costs and harms to yourself and others?

Here are things you might find useful.

Bring informed

Being informed

Know the odds of winning are rarely in your favour.

It doesn’t matter how long you gamble. The odds of winning don’t change.

Tips on responsible gambling may be useful. For example consider setting limits, taking regular breaks and keep track of money spent on gambling.

Making changes

Making changes

Changing behaviours can help us think differently

Habits develop over time. Habits have costs & benefits. If gambling costs are outweighing the benefits it may be useful to consider a plan for change.

A Strategy for change is to engage with other non-gambling activities. You could make a list of activities you enjoy or would like to try and make a start today.

Remember change takes time. Be kind to yourself.

Managing money

Managing money

Include gambling expenses in your budget.

Consider leaving your credit/debit card at home when going out to gamble.

Consider setting time and money limits.

Setting Limits

Setting limits

Plan for breaks when gambling. An alarm could be set on your phone.

Set a limit on how much you are going to spend. Include gambling in your budget.

Balance gambling with other social activities.

Changing thoughts

Changing thoughts

Recognise common thinking errors such as, “after a few losses I’m due for a win”. 

Replace thinking errors with useful statements like, “In most cases past results tell us nothing about what will occur next”.