Amity’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

We are proud to announce our formal commitment towards Reconciliation with the launch of Amity’s first Reconciliation Action Plan. Our Reflect RAP demonstrates our long-term commitment for strengthening relationships between First Nations peoples and non-indigenous people, by providing meaningful actions that progress reconciliation in Australia. We acknowledge the traditional owners, the Larrakia people, of the land on which Amity stands.

Amity has worked with three Aboriginal town communities in the urban Darwin region, delivering activities and camps to increase healthier habits and provide some respite from community living. Amity continues to seek opportunities to enhance relationships with First Nations peoples, through partnerships and actively seeking to employ First Nations people’s within the organisation. Our RAP journey has been a long time coming, and we are excited for the journey ahead. We encourage you to read through our RAP and walk with us on this journey towards Reconciliation.

Garawa Aboriginal Designs
Karina Cale and Shaun Lee

About the artwork
This design reflects Larrakia and Woolwonga cultures of the Northern Territory. The design theme is centred on relationships, respect, and opportunities. This theme is echoed in the Amity Community Services Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Central to the design is the environment – the land, waterholes, fire, and sky motifs.

The centre represents people working together, signifying the footsteps taken in moving forward on decisions made together as a collective. The pathway is representing the past stories, respecting each other’s beliefs and backgrounds as men and women. The path indicates the story line and building opportunities for all.