About Amity Community Services

Where we come from

Amity Community Services Inc. (Amity) has been providing services for people and the broader community for over 40 years.

Amity started out in 1976 as the Darwin and District Alcohol and Drug Dependence Foundation. The service was created to work with people who were experiencing harm from their drug and alcohol dependence.

During the late 80s as evidence became clearer the organisation’s work focussed on harm reduction and moved to align its understanding of behaviours of habit.

In the mid 1990s we recognised that because of increased availability and accessibility of gambling products – people, families and the community were experiencing harms from the behaviour and products and we already had knowledge and skills in behaviours of habit so we began to work within the gambling arena too.

Who we are

Amity is a for-purpose community organisation based in Darwin.

We have diverse funding sources that enable us to deliver a range of professional evidence-informed services and programs that encourage healthier habits and lifestyles. These projects and services are underpinned by harm reduction. We specialise in the areas of alcohol, other drugs, gambling and our associated mental health.

We see habits as a usual part of life and we understand habits have both benefits and costs. We appreciate people go through different stages when working to change behaviour and we work to support your change process with rational compassion and evidence informed practical tips and strategies.

We work with people to understand their needs, enabling us to work collaboratively in planning tips and strategies, building upon current skills and/or developing new skills that may assist people in practical ways when changing. Amity works in a manner that is non-judgemental, supportive and encouraging. We are recognised for our commitment, connection and contribution to our community.

Our Vision

We aspire to be recognised nationally as a leading community based organisation that values and drives the adoption of healthier habits and lifestyles.

Our Purpose

We will do this by providing a range of evidence-informed professional services and programs that support choices of healthier habits and lifestyles